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Quite possibly the easiest, most flexible way to get into a Tesla Model 3. No endless paperwork. No negotiation. And no long-term commitment. Pay month to month. Drive the car as long as you like. Return it when you're done. That's Autonomy.

Your all-in monthly payment includes title, registration, maintenance, routine tire replacement, charging kit, and color preference at no additional charge.*
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You don’t have to be owned by the machine to drive one.
Being beholden to debt and long-term financial commitments isn't healthy for the soul. Or the pocketbook. So we created a debt-free way to enjoy driving an electric vehicle. Because you don't own it, you don’t have to go into debt to drive it. That gives you all the benefits of owning without all the headaches. If something changes in your life and you need to return your EV, just give us two weeks' notice, no problem. 

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The benefits of an Autonomy subscription
Buying an EV is expensive. Owning it for several years costs even more. With subscription, your monthly payment includes the joys of driving an EV while eliminating many of the costs and headaches.
  • Limited Warranty
    Limited Warranty
  • Routine Maintenance
    Routine Maintenance
    (Limitations apply)
  • Roadside Assistance
    Roadside Assistance
    (Limitations apply)
  • 1,000 miles per month
    1,000 miles per month
    ($0.25/add'l mi.)
  • Tire Replacement Covered
    Tire Replacement Covered
    (Limitations apply)
  • Digital form of payment
    Digital form of payment

*Pricing for Model 3 SR+ in white w/o addt'l upgrades. Excludes: start fee, taxes, insurance, and security deposit. For eligible subscribers, subscription includes integrated auto insurance through Autonomy for an additional fee, which varies by individual, as underwritten by 3rd party and subject to policy terms. Eligibility check req’d. Additional limitations apply. Available in . Expanding soon.
Loan-free access to an EV
We're the cheapest way to drive a Tesla because you're not buying the car. And no car loan means you're not locked into years of interest payments. Skip the long-term commitments of traditional loan or lease. Subscription is a new way to drive a car without owning it, and without it owning you.
Loan free access to an EV
Loan free access to an EV

Subscribe with just your phone.

No showroom visits required. Make your reservation deposit in minutes, right from your phone. Then just scan your driver’s license and payment method. Once approved for a car subscription, you can schedule pick-up right from the app. No paperwork. No headaches.

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Drive into a greener future.
We believe in a sustainable, equitable future. One where you can freely enjoy the open road without destroying the planet. We’d like to help you reduce your carbon footprint by getting you into an EV faster.

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