Training for Success

HP Autonomy’s Education programs benefit a wide audience, from daily end users to the technical staff who install, configure, and administer HP Autonomy solutions.  We provide hands-on, practical experience to reinforce formal classroom instruction. The majority of training we offer takes place in a workshop format and uses fast-track training methods and pre-set training courses to challenge and support trainees as they learn.

Our global team of experienced trainers and subject matter experts delivers well-designed training courses for all of our offerings, including targeted courses on infrastructure technologies, enterprise search, process management, eDiscovery, content and records management, and compliance. We educate, support, and put you in control of your investment to ensure real world success.

Training is an investment in your organization and in your people. There are many reasons why training benefits your business and why it matters.

Knowledge is power: Enterprise software drives business success by automating processes and increasing efficiencies. Getting more value from your cutting-edge investment requires end users who know how to get the most from the technology, and technical staff that are up to speed on configuring, optimizing, maintaining, and administering your solutions. Training addresses both of these groups, and gives you greater control.

Protecting your investment: When you invest in training for your team, you equip them with the knowledge to get the greatest value from your HP Autonomy technology.

Time to market: A well-trained team provides assurance that your project will run more smoothly, efficiently and complete in a shorter time frame. The earlier your team gains expertise, the more successful your project will be. Analyst reports suggest that 75% of managers believe effective training will increase the chances of a project meeting its deadlines.

Return on Information (ROI ): Education provides a way to lower the total cost of ownership. Our education courses present your team members with best practices in the design, deployment, and administration of your HP software solutions. This translates into decreased technical support costs, lower ongoing administrative overhead, and the ability to work more effectively.

Flexible training delivery options

HP Autonomy Education provides a range of delivery options to ensure your training takes place in the environment best suited to your organization’s needs.

Public training: An open, public training schedule in facilities around the globe offers students hands-on experience and is lab-based to keep learning practical. The classroom experience is led by Certified Instructors with extensive experience and industry knowledge. Our range of courses accommodates both beginning and advanced students.

Virtual instructor led training (VILT): Virtual instructor led training are live, remote instructor-led sessions.  VILT classes are a good alternative to public training as they reduce, or eliminate, travel and expense costs should your staff be geographically dispersed. Furthermore, VILT saves valuable time by permitting the student to stay in the office during the training sessions. 

Onsite training: Onsite Training is most convenient when your team members are located in the same region. As long as the host can provide adequate training facilities, HP Autonomy Education Instructors will travel to your chosen site to conduct the training.

Customized training: From a detailed Training Needs Analysis through to building custom training courses, HP Autonomy Education can address your unique business needs.

HP Autonomy Education operates in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Japan. For questions about training in your region, please contact us via One of our regional training coordinators will be in contact to assist you.

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