IDOL, the OS for Human Information

Effective business leaders realize that their success hinges on how they address the four Vs of information—velocity, variety, volume, and value. Massive volumes of data growing at breakneck rates coupled with diverse formats and sources are driving the need to maximize the return on information.

With HP IDOL, you can access, analyze, understand, and act on large amounts of human information from virtually any source, including both cloud and on premise, including text, image, audio, video, social media, and structured data in databases. These capabilities make IDOL the OS for human information.

With IDOL’s exploratory analytics, you can unlock key ideas, patterns, and concepts in your structured and unstructured data with streamlined processing, tuned for optimal performance. Uncover new opportunities, spot new trends, automate processes, break down silos, mitigate risks, and cut costs to elevate your organizational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling your data to tell you the answers.

IDOL connects to virtually all systems, both on premise and in the cloud

IDOL connects to virtually all systems, both on premise and in the cloud, and understands content in various forms—text, audio, video, images, and more—to augment your decision-making.

We understand that the information you find on Twitter and Facebook is becoming just as important as the information you find in contracts and spreadsheets. And to help you understand all content inside and outside the enterprise, we built a platform that gives you a 360-degree view into all data sources that are important to your business. Having a seamless view across all your information helps you manage better, collaborate effectively, and act more quickly.


Connect: Remove all barriers by connecting securely to any source of information through a single, unified platform.

Understand: Move beyond simple keyword searches and gain a conceptual and contextual understanding of your information.

Act and automate: Inquire, investigate, interact, and improve processes quickly, correctly, and compliantly based on a holistic view of information, market conditions, and social trends.