HP IDOL OnDemand

The latest innovation from HP IDOL OnDemand, IDOL OnDemand, offers a growing set of web service APIs to power a new generation of human information apps. To showcase IDOL OnDemand, HP Autonomy has introduced the managed Early Access Program, which gives developers access to IDOL OnDemand web service APIs before they’re released to the general public.

IDOL OnDemand addresses the modern challenges of explosive human information growth and the shift to mobile and cloud. With the IDOL OnDemand Early Access Program, app developers can use a rich set of web service APIs to understand and engage with human information, including text, images, social media, and app data. IDOL OnDemand enables developers to fully inquire, investigate, interact with, and improve human information, to pioneer a new generation of groundbreaking consumer and enterprise apps that push the boundaries of innovation.

IDOL OnDemand Early Access Program for developers

Our managed Early Access Program for IDOL OnDemand gives developers access to IDOL OnDemand web service APIs before they’re released to the general public. Developers are admitted on a rolling basis to ensure that they receive the full support they need. Early Access Members play a pivotal role in adding their voice to IDOL OnDemand product development.

If you're willing to work within the boundaries of the Early Access Program and don't mind providing helpful feedback, this is a great opportunity to build something amazing with us.

Join now to become a member of the managed Early Access Program.

IDOL OnDemand APIs

  • Sentiment
  • Entity Extraction
  • Image to Text
  • Image Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Barcode Reading
  • Extract Text
  • Near Native Viewing
  • Detect Language
  • Highlight
  • Tokenization
  • Expand Term
  • Query
  • Find Similar Document
  • Query Summary
  • …and more

Which IDOL is right for you?

Now you can access advanced IDOL technology both on-premise and in the cloud. HP IDOL is a proven, on-premise platform that’s universally deployed for over 20,000 customers worldwide, 400+ OEM companies, and with licenses to more than 500 products. The full power of the HP IDOL platform tackles the toughest problems in human information and powers solutions that solve a wide range of information challenges. IDOL OnDemand strategically exposes the power of HP IDOL in the cloud through its growing selection of web service APIs for quick and lightweight integration into your web or mobile apps.

    Full power
  • Deeply tuned information analytics for enterprise software and strategic applications
  • Comprehensive capability, performance, and manageability
  • Hundreds of features available now – a rich roadmap
  • You own it – assembly required
  • Huge scalability – billions of docs, tens of thousands of streams
  • On-premise big data requiring analysis
  • Industry leading OS for Human Information
  • IDOL OnDemand
    Lightweight, easy to use
  • Easy to use information analytics web service APIs for mobile and web apps
  • Architected for the cloud, simplicity, and ease of use
  • Incremental feature rollout of existing IDOL features adapted for IDOL OnDemand and new features unique to IDOL OnDemand
  • Live – immediate access
  • Elastic scalability from small to large
  • Cloud-hosted big data requiring analysis
  • Powers a new generation of human information apps

If you’re interested in HP IDOL or want help deciding which IDOL is right for you, please contact us.