Conceptual Search

Conceptual Search

Search by the concepts in your information

Studies show that traditional Boolean search offers extremely poor performance when dealing with large quantities of enterprise content. For 50% recall—which means returning only half of relevant documents—you  can expect just 20% precision. This means that to access just half of the relevant documents, 80% of search results that you must wade through are completely irrelevant to the query.

HP  IDOL enables you to search by the concepts held within information. IDOL forms an understanding of content using a sentence or even an entire document as your query, allowing you to extract the main concepts from your information and get the most relevant results. Searching by concept leads to the most comprehensive result set since you also retrieve relevant documents that do not contain the query term(s). Results are sorted according to conceptual relevancy. With IDOL, you can then continue the search conversation by dynamically suggesting other concepts related to the query.


Improve consistency: Search results do not rely on your skill to use the right query terms, but instead return all conceptually relevant files.

Improve productivity: With search results largely limited to only the relevant content, you can save enormous amounts of valuable time and avoid sorting through irrelevant documents.

Improve accuracy: You can use entire documents as your query input so that a search returns only the conceptually relevant files.