HP’s HAVEn platform brings together everything you need to profit from Big Data. Comprised of hardware, software, and services, HAVEn helps you make the critical business transformation to connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making.

As the name implies, Big Data is massive in volume and comprises three broad types of information:

  • Business data: Structured, transactional data typically stored in rows and columns in applications such as ERP and CRM, as well as databases and data warehouses.
  • Machine data: High velocity data, generated by millions of sensors, devices, and systems present in diverse environments, including production lines, transportation systems, energy and resource extraction, web feeds, event monitors, stock market feeds, networks, and security intelligence systems.
  • Human information: Unstructured data generated in massive amounts by a broad spectrum of systems and devices, including email, social media, text documents, stored and streaming video, audio and images.

The key reason Big Data has become an immense challenge for many organizations is that relational technology and most business intelligence tools were traditionally built to manage and analyze business data, which typically represents only a small percentage of an organization’s information and is growing at just 10% per year. These systems were not architected to handle the volume and velocity of machine data, or the volume and variety of human information, which together can represent up to 90% of an organization’s information and is growing at rates of 100% or more.

The HP HAVEn software platform is the first solution designed to address all three forms of information. Encompassing proven technologies from HP Software, including Autonomy, Vertica, and ArcSight, HAVEn enables forward-thinking organizations to make use of virtually all information sources from both inside and outside its four walls to make better, faster decisions. To learn more about HP’s innovative HAVEn platform vision and solution offering visit the HP HAVEn website.

HAVEn enables you to extract the valuable insights that lie dormant at the edges of information

HAVEn enables you to extract the valuable insights that lie dormant at the edges of information, in human information and machine data, where the “bigness” of data growth is occurring.

  • Hadoop: HP’s open strategy supports all leading Hadoop distributions.
  • Autonomy IDOL: Seamless access to and understanding of virtually all forms of human information in real time, including email, text, image, social media, audio,  and video securely and at scale, regardless of the data’s location or format.
  • Vertica: A massively scalable database platform, custom-built for real-time analytics on petabyte-sized datasets. Vertica supports standard SQL- and R-based analytics, and offers support for all leading BI and ETL vendors.
  • Enterprise Security—ArcSight: Provides real-time collection and analysis of logs and security events from a wide range of devices and data sources, leveraging Big Data to bridge both operational intelligence and security intelligence.
  • nApps: HAVEn is conceived as an open, scalable platform that forwarding organizations and developers can leverage to create a broad array of next-generation applications designed to fully leverage the power of big data.

Please visit www.hp.com/haven for more information.

HAVEn solution examples

Capacity planning: Predict the precise amount of infrastructure to roll out to meet demand at minimal cost.

Targeted advertising: Deliver different versions of an ad campaign to subscribers based on their interests and purchase histories.

Cyber security: Analyze historical attack activity to help predict when a company is most likely to be targeted—and what action to take.

Healthcare analytics: Analyze previously unmanageable unstructured information including imaging and physician’s notations to derive actionable insight to drive superior patient outcomes.

Sentiment analysis: Correlate sentiment from social media and other channels with CRM and other enterprise data to better enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Fleet optimization: Analyze sensor data to identify emerging problems, adjusting maintenance schedules to prevent outages and prolong equipment lifecycles.

Operational analytics: Predict and prevent network operations issues by analyzing past trends and current machine events with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Real-time social media analytics: Monitor, analyze and act on the elastic flow of information from a diverse set of data sources to make decisions at the speed of business.

Legacy data clean-up: Analyze, classify and manage based on policy your unorganized enormous stores of legacy data to ensure compliance and optimize the cost envelop of managing your data effectively.

Marketing optimization: Understand customer satisfaction and experiences to holistically tune your ad spend and customer engagement.

eDiscovery: Comb through terabytes of data safely and effectively to determine what unstructured information, based on context and connection, is relevant to respond to pending litigation.