Our Technology

In many organizations, up to 90% of data is comprised of unstructured information. This encompasses data types from a broad set of sources, including call recordings, voicemails, emails, electronic documents, paper documents, images, web pages, video, and hundreds of other formats.

HP Autonomy's ability to process all forms of digital information on a single platform offers a unique solution to a growing number of applications and devices that are increasingly dependent on utilizing unstructured information. Through a combination of advanced technologies for information processing, including over 500 analytical functions available for text, it is possible for computers to form a contextual understanding of unstructured digital content such as video and images, as well as understand people's interaction with the data. For example, you can put the abundance of social media data to work for you by detecting emerging trends and influencers in this information, using HP’s sophisticated sentiment analysis and clustering technology.

With the ability to connect to over 400 systems with support for over 1000 file formats, you can maximize your information reach to find, monitor, capture, and analyze all relevant data. And there is no need to move any data because now you can manage your data where it resides—in its original repository—and ensure accessibility. The result: Big data analytics made easy, with off-the-shelf connectors that deliver an efficient, out-of-the-box solution for ingesting new data into Hadoop file systems and a method of normalizing existing Hadoop data ready for the Map phase.

HP Autonomy's technology eliminates the traditionally manual and costly operation of processing and analyzing information by performing these functions automatically and in real time. It is easier to use and administer with a visual dashboard and simplified processes. It delivers big data scalability and security so you can leverage our established and proven best practices of supporting the largest enterprises in volume of information, number of users, and frequency of transactions, while adhering to strict security standards. These capabilities achieve substantial savings and peace of mind for every type of organization and industry, and are driving the accelerated adoption of HP Autonomy's technology across a diverse range of vertical markets.