HP WorkSite Records Manager

HP WorkSite Records Manager

Manage all records for policy compliance

HP WorkSite Records Manager provides comprehensive governance solutions for capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling and managing electronic records in HP WorkSite and corresponding physical records. It is designed to help firms deal effectively with increasing contractual, regulatory, and organizational requirements to maintain and defensively dispose of records according to stated policies. When integrated with HP WorkSite, the market-leading document and email management system, WorkSite Records Manager manages content in place, eliminating the need to duplicate content in a records repository. WorkSite Records Manager enables you to create, apply, and enforce lifecycle management policies on electronic and physical records simultaneously and consistently.

HP Worksite Records Manager benefits

Retention policy: WorkSite Records Manager applies retention policies automatically based on filing location, practice group, or record type. A central interface enables administrators to set records governance policies such as trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, while also monitoring and enforcing compliance.

Seamless WorkSite integration: WorkSite Records Manager integrates with WorkSite to provide complete management of the matter/engagement lifecycle with electronic content automatically classified and scheduled by Records Manager.

Track records holistically: WorkSite Records Manager organizes physical records (files, boxes, backup tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.), including indexing, circulation and retention processing. These robust capabilities allow physical records to be tied to the electronic matter file for complete matter/file management.

Tracking and barcode scanning: Complete barcode scanning capabilities perform most transactions, including disposition processing on files and boxes, with handheld scanners. Administrators can quickly check file rooms, perform “desk audits” to confirm which files are with users and perform tracking functions from any location.

Search and reporting tools: An IDOL-powered search bar provides comprehensive search capabilities to enhance productivity, browse, search, full text search and complex field searches. Allow users to easily switch between search results and reports and quickly retrieve saved searches and reports.

Applications Designer: Provides a comprehensive suite of customizable data entry search forms, label formats, and custom reports including captions and graphics enabling rich and comprehensive customization and configuration. Product can be integrated with existing solutions using the Software Development Kit (SDK).