HP Universal Search for WorkSite

HP Universal Search

Rely on highly advanced, context-aware search

With HP Universal Search for WorkSite, organizations focused on legal matters can apply context-aware search across the entire enterprise and produce results that are conceptually and contextually relevant. Built on our market-leading IDOL platform, our search solution delivers unparalleled user experiences for legal professionals through the most advanced and robust search platform available. HP Universal Search for WorkSite goes far beyond simple search to provide you with automatic categorization, automatic hyperlinking, faceted navigation, as well as audio and video search.

HP Universal Search for WorkSite benefits

Automatic classification and categorization: Use a range of categorization tools that suit your legal business needs, including the ability to automatically generate taxonomies present within a body of content.

Automatic content extraction: Identify and extract entities such as names, citations, jurisdictions, and locations directly from the text of a pleading or filing.

Best practice management: Use our Knowledge Management solution to add personal tags and create individual best practice document collections.

Expertise location: Build communities of subject matter or industry experts by automatically clustering content contributors and resources into related groups.