HP Surveillance

HP Surveillance

Intelligent end-to-end surveillance

Without question, advanced surveillance capabilities have become increasingly important in corporate, national, and global organizations. But one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s security teams is how to understand, analyze, and interpret the significance of information gathered in day-to-day operations. Organizations must deal with growing volumes and types of data—and this challenge demands a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all surveillance data and the ability to integrate it with operational data. HP Surveillance takes an automated and intelligent approach to monitoring all electronic communications across your organization.

Product benefits

Get comprehensive surveillance at every stage: Get support for every stage of your surveillance operations with individual standalone components, or a complete solution for centralized control and management.

Improve and promote situational awareness: Instantly retrieve and analyze post-event information, and apply policies either in real time or as they are archived in line with your retention and disposition requirements.

Understand the details of surveillance data: Form an understanding of the inherent meaning and potential significance of any piece of information. Our intelligent surveillance technology brings insight and immediate analytical capabilities to all operational and surveillance environments.

Use advanced recognition technologies: Rely on our extensive range of advanced recognition and recording systems to monitor, investigate, and analyze electronic communications subject to oversight requirements by the SEC, FINRA, the FSA, and other regulators around the world.

Monitor employee communications: Control and monitor communications between employees, clients, and counterparties even in collaboration environments such as SharePoint, and social networking sites (both internal and external).