HP Optimost

HP Optimost

Target the right customers across all channels

Marketers invest over 60% of their online spend in search, social, and mobile marketing, but they struggle to realize the potential of these channels. HP Optimost provides an automated means to optimize your cross-channel marketing spend. You can easily access real-time data sources—social media, customer feedback, web comments, and phone calls to the contact center—to define keyword bid strategies and apply multivariate testing to find the best results. Get started improving elements of your marketing campaigns to attract the highest value audiences.

Product features

Advanced analytics: Understand information across multiple channels and get deep insights into the performance of your marketing optimization initiatives.

Ad and keyword optimization: Get empowered to target and optimize display ads so you can generate the highest click-through rates and online revenue ROI. Autonomy Optimost recommends the optimal set of keywords for bidding, SEO, and search marketing campaigns based on a unique conceptual understanding.

Keyword bidding: Improve the performance of your search engine campaigns through a new comprehensive bid optimization system.

Optimized landing pages: Quickly create, launch, and optimize landing pages to maximize email, search, and advertising campaign ROI.

Intelligent multivariate testing (MVT): Test multiple combinations of content, design, layout, pricing, and offers with real customers to find out what drives the greatest results.

Segmentation and targeting: Automatically generate and update customer segments in real time, identify the most persuasive content for each segment, and proactively deliver targeted content and recommendations to your website visitors.