HP Media Aggregation Service

HP Media Aggregation Service

Social data at your finger tips

HP Media Aggregation Service (MAS) seamlessly aggregates and streams real-time social media data, enabling enterprise-grade access to the largest volume of social media data available, including leading premium social media publishers such as Twitter and Facebook. With access to data from more than 40 global publishers, along with augmentation and enrichment services such as Klout score, language detection, sentiment, or gender, you can quickly gather conversations with influential sources and filter them for meaningful analysis.

HP MAS social media aggregator works with HP Autonomy’s multichannel analytics product, HP Explore and HP IDOL to help enterprise organizations analyze customer sentiment, identify emerging issues, and discover topic trends to derive instantly actionable insights.

Product features

Fullest functioning media aggregation source: MAS approaches 100% coverage of all social media mentions with a normalized interface to 40+ aggregators and global publishers.

Powerful data augmentation services: Leverage advanced functionality such as sentiment analysis, language detection, social graph, URL expansion, automatic metadata extraction (including company name extraction), as well as the advanced conceptual based query and analytics functions.

Command centers: Create command centers using customizable visualization interfaces.

Data on demand: No need for APIs; access to new data sources is available immediately.

User definable setup: A data import wizard guides business users through the setup process, reducing dependency on IT.

100% cloud-based: The MAS social media aggregator offers the flexibility and agility of cloud deployment.