HP LiveVault

HP LiveVault cloud data protection

Rely on turnkey, streamlined, and secure server cloud-based data protection

With LiveVault, you can protect critical application data across virtual and physical environments, manage long-term retention needs, and improve disaster recovery readiness—in the cloud or via a hybrid cloud deployment. The LiveVault agent encrypts all data before transferring it from your servers as well as while in transit, and at Autonomy's secure, offsite, underground data centers. Data also remains encrypted on the optional TurboRestore™ appliance in your data center. To ensure the physical security and availability of stored data, LiveVault mirrors all data to a second, geographically dispersed data center, for full failover and redundancy.

Product features

Proactive administration: Management, monitoring, and notification, with secure online server backup in the cloud.

Advanced data encryption in transit and storage: Providing maximum protection for all data.

Fast and easy recovery: LiveVault's patented Delta Restore capability restores only the data that has been changed, saving storage space and recovery time.

Optional Turbo Restore Appliance (TRA): Provides onsite optional appliance for rapid restores over local area network.

Data Shuttle: Delivers a service that provides the initial seeding and recovery of larger restores, expediting the data backup/recovery process.

Meaning-based search and eDiscovery: Enables you to selectively restore backup data into an IDOL environment, for use in backup and recovery, legal hold, eDiscovery, and data analytics.