HP KeyView

HP KeyView

File filtering and transformation technology

With the emergence of big data analytics and unstructured data mining as a major focus in the software industry, data filtering and transformation technologies are a key requirement for businesses. The ability to understand and analyze data allows you to derive maximum value from your information and stay competitive. But organizations struggle to manage volumes of unstructured data coming from emails, documents, online sources, and more. This is driving the need to filter and convert information into a consistent format that allows you to effectively make use of the information.

HP KeyView, the market leader in file filtering and transformation technology, can help you extract text, metadata, and other relevant properties from over 1,000 file formats on numerous platforms. With KeyView, you can access all your data in a single index. Beyond popular word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation formats, this includes rich media files and files embedded within files, such as email attachments or embedded OLE objects.

This ability to filter files is critical for any application relying on unstructured information. It not only adds business value by expediting the retrieval process but also significantly reduces the business risks associated with managing large volumes of information.

Product benefits

KeyView IDOL Filter Systems Developer Kit (SDK): Equip your application with the fastest filtering technology available, along with the ability to simultaneously filter multiple documents on a wide variety of platforms at the same time.

KeyView IDOL Viewing SDK: Build applications with high-fidelity viewing and printing capabilities for the word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic, multimedia, compression, and encoding formats that contain the information your users need to access.

KeyView IDOL Export SDK: Make any document widely accessible and usable by delivering web-ready HTML and valid XML to users and applications.