HP IDOL for Hadoop

HP IDOL for Hadoop

Address one of your biggest data challenges

When businesses need to store explosive amounts of diverse data, many turn to Apache Hadoop. But storing data and making sense of it are two different things. HP IDOL for Hadoop is designed to make Hadoop data come alive. We help you to manage, control, and derive greater insight, so you can get the most value possible from your information. You can effectively leverage all data stored in Hadoop and make informed business decisions by applying advanced IDOL functions.

Product Features

Advanced IDOL functions: Apply proven IDOL capabilities to Hadoop data such as sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and image analysis to derive business insights.

Easy ingestion of data into Hadoop: Leverage IDOL connectors to ingest enterprise and social data into Hadoop file systems for unified analysis.

Normalization of Hadoop data: Extract file content and metadata in a normalized structured output that is analysis-ready and compatible with the Map phase.

Compliance: Gain visibility into Hadoop data and stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and Sarbanes-Oxley, by extracting text from virtually all files and identifying relevant entities such as social security and credit card numbers.