HP Digital Safe

HP Digital Safe

A secure and private hosted information archive

HP Digital Safe enables you to benefit from the scalability, security, cost savings, and accessibility of a hosted archive, while maintaining the functionality of an on-premise archive. Digital Safe provides intelligent insight across most data types and enterprise content sources to support compliance, mitigate risk, and increase IT efficiency and legal preparedness. Leveraging the largest private cloud with the highest level of security, HP Digital Safe gives you a proven hosted archive that provides even greater value with other key information governance solutions, including end-to-end eDiscovery and supervision.

HP Digital Safe benefits

Secure, private hosted archiving: Identify, manage, and control most data types across enterprise repositories in a hosted archive to support policy management, litigation preparedness, ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

Datacenter security: Data within the largest, private cloud is secured and protected across multiple geographically separated SOC2 data centers utilizing split-cell WORM technology to prevent data loss.

Massive scalability: With over 60PB of data under management, services can be scaled up or down to meet on-demand business usage and needs.

Greater data access: Maintain anytime/anywhere connectivity and control over data assets with an intuitive end user interface for search and access across most devices.

eDiscovery integration: Robust eDiscovery search, legal hold, collection, and export capabilities to accurately and efficiently identify critical responsive data.