HP Data Protector software

HP Data Protector data recovery and backup software

Rethinking data protection in the modern data center

Shifting data center boundaries are forcing IT departments to readdress backup and recovery processes, strategies, and infrastructure. Data is also evolving—growing faster, reaching the size of Big Data, and including a multitude of formats and complexity. Keeping pace with these advancements, organizations must still manage and protect data according to internal policies and tightening service level objectives. These challenges are the catalyst driving the need to rethink backup and recovery so that it is smart, scalable, and easier to perform.

Adaptive backup and recovery for the enterprise

HP Data Protector software helps you meet current and future backup and recovery challenges and business requirements with a robust architecture designed to scale from small and medium businesses, to the world’s largest and most complex enterprise IT environments. The solution utilizes advanced integration with applications and infrastructure, and operational analytics, to optimize backup, improve business continuity and resiliency, and boost uptime within your IT environment.

Key features

Federated deduplication for maximum storage efficiency and performance

Comprehensive support for leading operating systems, applications, and infrastructure

Built for virtualized environments with flexible backup and recovery options

Native application integration for consistent application backup and point-in-time recovery

Integrated bare metal restore with Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery