HP Broadcast Monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring

Monitor broadcast content in real time

Staying in sync with breaking stories can be a huge differentiator for broadcasters, media companies, and intelligence agencies. The exponential increase in number of broadcast channels across the globe and web-based video streaming services requires automated 24x7 monitoring. But manual approaches to gathering this information are costly and ineffective.

HP Broadcast Monitoring allows you to automatically monitor, analyze, and index live broadcast content feeds in real time from digital sources, satellite and cable television, radio, and the Internet. We deliver capabilities to help you automatically monitor multiple broadcast streams for instant visibility of breaking stories, competitor moves, and company news—in virtually any format and language.

Product benefits

Monitor feeds 24x7, automatically: Monitor live, incoming content feeds and react to developing stories and content with real-time alerts using intuitive user interface and dashboards

Analyze video and audio for intelligence: Search broadcast content conceptually and perform advanced audio analysis (speech-to-text, speaker identification, audio segmentation), video analysis (key framing, key frame detection, face recognition, logo detection, and text recognition), and text analysis (entity extraction and machine translation)

Manage and configure easily: Assign multi-level default roles and configurable system access; support 50+ concurrent users, feeds from 50+ broadcast channels, and monitoring of 200+ web pages.

Flexibly produce and deliver reports: Easily produce reports with video clips, images and transcripts and deliver them via email or files (for example, Microsoft PowerPoint)