Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

The right information at the right time

HP’s Enterprise Search solution provides access and understanding to virtually all of your information assets scattered across the organization, including documents, audio, video, and social media. Enterprise Search crawls millions of documents and enables users to find the information they need when they need it, regardless of location or language. Our easy-to-use technology adds a human touch to enterprise search by allowing you to quickly find information based on concepts and context, yielding more relevant results.

Solution Differentiators

Maximize your information assets: Make all your information and expertise accessible with relevant, concept-based search.

Keep information secure: Honor native security models of data sources and enable finely-tuned control over information access.

Increase productivity: Receive personalized, contextualized search results, and eliminate wasted efforts searching for content or re-creating existing content.

Make data-driven decisions: Find and understand your data, including audio and video, from any device.

Eliminate information silos: Search across different repositories for a single, unified result set.

Handle large data volumes easily: Handle the growth of information inside and outside the enterprise.