Unified Information Access

Bringing it all together to make information work for you requires an understanding of every type of data simultaneously, including the 90% of unstructured data that comes from emails, videos, social media, call centers, chat, application data, and more.

HP IDOL offers you a single processing layer that can process all types of content—structured, semi-structured, or unstructured—to enable actionable, real-time analysis and maximized business intelligence. After all, why should you base critical business decisions on only a fraction of your data? With HP Unified Information Access, you can form a thorough understanding of virtually 100% of your data, across all your content sources, to drastically increase the value you get from your information.


Make data-driven decisions: Find, access, and understand your data, including audio, video, and social—structured, semi-structured, or unstructured—across over 400 repositories, with support for over 1,000 file formats.

Discover trends and insights: Detect patterns in structured and unstructured information and automatically organize datasets, such as call center conversations and social media interactions, into conceptually related groups.

Boost your competitive advantage: Deliver personalized, contextualized search results and proactively push relevant information. Act on all kinds of information to seize market opportunities.

Create expert communities: Build a knowledge graph of your organization by analyzing social networks and deriving people’s expertise based on activities, instead of relying on outdated user profiles.

Rely on a scalable, high-performance platform: Leverage the highly scalable HP IDOL to create unified information access and manage data growth inside and outside your enterprise. Support hundreds of thousands of users, or millions of web users, accessing hundreds of terabytes of data.

Solutions for Unified Information Access