Compliance Archiving

Protect Data

Ensure compliance over archived information

Maintaining compliance over information requires knowledge of the information to confirm its accuracy and understand its value—and have the capabilities to secure and retain it appropriately. With Compliance Archiving solutions from HP, organizations can manage information so that it is not only discoverable, but accessible by the right people at the right time. Compliance Archiving makes it possible to manage and dispose of information in a consistent, defensible manner according to regulatory, legislative, and business requirements.

Solution Differentiators

Proven compliance solution: The choice of the 10 largest financial institutions and global law firms, along with 86 of the Fortune 100, to meet all compliance obligations.

Deployment flexibility: Support your compliance obligations across all data types and repositories through on-premise, hosted, or hybrid deployments.

Information security: Store your information within the largest secure, private cloud across multiple geographically separated SOC2 data centers and utilizing split-cell WORM technology to prevent data loss.

End-to-end platform: Build a comprehensive compliance archiving program via a module-based approach that offers eDiscovery, rich data visibility through advanced analytics and conceptual search, and information management offerings on a common, seamless platform.