Information Archiving

HP Information Archiving solutions help organizations centralize data from key information sources (email, IM, social media, voice & video, plus structured data), across the world and across the enterprise.

Delivered as a cloud-based or enterprise-class software solution, the world’s largest data archiving provider (based on total data archived) helps customers proactively prepare for litigation, comply with wide-ranging industry regulations, dramatically lower IT storage costs, and break down information silos to deliver maximum value from archived data. HP’s archiving solutions are highly scalable and secure, archive a wide set of data types, and are supplemented by advanced classification, supervision, eDiscovery, and surveillance tools.


Comply with regulations: Adhere to industry and government regulations for managing data and supervising employee communication.

Lower cost: Defensibly dispose of data and proactively consolidate information in advance of eDiscovery and investigations.

Mitigate risk: Ensure data archiving is secure and protected against accidental spoliation; uniformly follow corporate information management policies.

Increase IT Efficiency: Optimize current applications for increased speed and efficiency, as well as retire outdated applications.

Solutions for Information Archiving