Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Intelligent security through advanced surveillance

Without question, advanced video surveillance analytics have become increasingly important in law enforcement, national security, and corporate security organizations. But one of the biggest challenges faced by today’s security teams is how to understand and analyze the growing amount of surveillance data feeds gathered every day. This challenge demands a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all surveillance data and offers the ability to integrate it with operational data.

HP Surveillance helps identify and respond to security threats by intelligently analyzing across multiple video-, audio-, and text-based data sources to automatically flag threats and patterns of unusual activity.

Solution differentiators

Get comprehensive video surveillance from all sources: Enterprise-ready design with massive scalability, and the ability to create a common understanding of information from video, audio, and text data streams.

Perform intelligent industry leading analytics: Perform analytics on video and audio feeds, such as intelligent scene analysis to detect what is happening in a scene, accurate vehicle license plate recognition and face recognition to identify objects in a scene, and audio analytics to detect sounds such as gunshots.

Create real-time situational awareness: Automatic setup and event alerts, with the ability to combine both structured and unstructured information for a more complete picture.

Perform comprehensive forensic analysis: Intuitive web-based interface enables easy playback of video and audio for investigation, as well as quick production of reports.

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