Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Gain big value from Big Data

HP’s Big Data Analytics solution helps you extract value from all forms of information in real time and at scale to improve efficiency, reduce risk, increase revenue opportunities, and lower costs. Big Data Analytics removes the irrelevant noise that comprises so much of digital content and presents you with relevant data that is actionable. Our technology extracts key concepts and context in information, increasing the value of data by finding relationships, trends, and issues developing in real time.

Our solution has been used to solve a wide range of information challenges, including talent management, fraud detection, insurance risk, social media analytics, traffic management, and healthcare analysis.

Solution differentiators

Turn data into insight: Extract valuable insights from data and understand key concepts and relationships within all types of data, including social media, video, audio, “dark data,” and clickstreams.

React quickly to emerging trends: Detect developing patterns, customer sentiments, and intentions to stay ahead of the competition.

Scale to Big Data: Process massive datasets with speed and reliability and react quickly to changing business environments.

Augment the Hadoop ecosytem: Apply advanced Big Data analytics to information stored in Hadoop, ingest Hadoop data into IDOL for advanced retrieval, and push enterprise documents into Hadoop for MapReduce analysis.