Records Management

Records Management

Regulatory compliance in records management

Strong record keeping practices are essential to maintaining a complete and accurate history of business transactions and knowledge. In today’s age of social media, mobile computing platforms, and big data, business records can be the lifeblood of your organization. Whether your organization is public or private, regulated by the government or a part of it, you are aware of the increasing pressure to meet regulatory requirements on enterprise information, regardless of source. Built on 28 years of information management expertise, HP's Records Management solution ensures the seamless, policy driven management of business records to improve operational efficiency, staff productivity, and regulatory compliance capabilities.

Solution Differentiators

Proven scalability: Manage extremely large records sets and numbers of users across hundreds of global sites.

SharePoint governance: Integrate and deliver seamless, compliant management of SharePoint records at site, list, or object level, according to pre-defined policy.

Manage-in-place framework: Enhance your ability to manage and hold information in external repositories.

Complete product integration: Extend information governance across all enterprise information, not just records.