Policy-driven Information Management

Protect Data

Reduce risk while enhancing productivity and compliance

Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever before, putting information governance at the top of every organization’s list of concerns. Managing volumes of diverse information according to regulatory and corporate policy is a critical part of any sound business strategy. Most companies are finding, however, that using traditional approaches—where policies are applied manually—are expensive, error-prone, inconsistent, and time-consuming. HP’s Policy-driven Information Management solution is uniquely able to help you manage all your corporate information with capabilities that leverage automation, leaving users to concentrate on higher value tasks.

Solution Differentiators

Information governance: Extend information governance across all enterprise information, not just records.

Deliver information: Identify and understand the value and business context of information across the enterprise, while recognizing the compliance status of information to determine risk and gaps.

Enforce policy: Categorize and apply policy to content in enterprise repositories to ensure compliant lifetime management.

Reduce your footprint: Organize information to reduce redundant, obsolete, and trivial data including emails, file shares, and SharePoint content.