Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Automate for improved business performance

HP’s Business Process Management (BPM) solution incorporates people, content, and processes to enable you to automate repeatable business workflows and improve performance. HP BPM formalizes business processes to make them consistent, visible, and auditable, resulting in more reliable outcomes, fewer errors, and reduced risk.

Integrating our software with HP multifunction printers transforms the hardware into a process kiosk that enables smarter capture, more comprehensive workflow, and unified document storage to deliver a measurable return on investment. HP BPM solutions turn your business processes into strategic assets that enhance your competitive advantage.

Solution Differentiators

Include all information: Incorporate structured and unstructured electronic and paper-based processes within the automated workflow, and proactively guide users through each step to enforce best practices, eliminate idle time between stages, and avoid common errors that characterize manual processes.

Automatic data extraction: Extract information automatically from either electronic or paper forms to eliminate manual steps, accelerate workflows, and improve data quality.

Real-time visibility: Provide monitoring and management features that identify bottlenecks, audit usage, analyze processes, and handle exceptions to protect your investment in workflows and provide greater visibility into the processes that drive the business.