Enterprise Content Management

Robust Enterprise Content Management solutions from HP help today’s organizations address critical barriers to enterprise productivity and information governance: extreme data volumes, multiple data repositories, and disruptive forces such as a cloud and mobility.

With HP Autonomy’s ECM solutions, you can access and understand virtually any data type or system, as well as control, leverage, and take action on this information to remain compliant with internal or regulatory policies. As a result, you gain a full understanding of information across data silos, enable more productive collaboration, increase preparedness for legal and regulatory inquiries, protect and secure information, and ensure data retention and disposition.


Lower cost: Realize savings by reducing information footprint, applying automated policies, and proactively preparing for litigation

Manage risk: Inventory, understand and categorize data to ensure it is managed with uniform policies, optimally secured, and protected against accidental spoliation

Increase productivity: Unify information silos and streamline processes for better collaboration and knowledge management

Comply with regulations: Comply with government and industry requirements for managing records

Achieve IT efficiency: Retire redundant, outdated and trivial content to modernize your infrastructure, lower your storage costs and optimize application performance

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