Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment

A quick snapshot of your data can be your advantage

HP Early Case Assessment (ECA) helps you gain insight into eDiscovery document collection, which can be used to answer some important strategic questions in advance of an impending legal matter. You can determine if you have a case, the extent of your risk exposure, how much it will cost to fight, and whether you have the staff resources. Specifically designed to analyze data in place, HP Autonomy's ECA solution turns the arduous process of analyzing large volumes of data into a simple, streamlined process. Our ECA solution also helps your to map communications to understand spheres of influence and determine collection parameters. In addition, it helps you better prepare for the 26(f) meet and confer.

Solution differentiators

Broad data coverage: Access and understand virtually all enterprise data sources including audio and video— regardless of location, language or format.

Analyze in place: Expedite the ECA process by gaining access to data quickly and efficiently, mitigating the need to move data to a different repository prior to analysis.

Deep content analytics: Leverage cutting edge technologies to search, visualize, and organize a document collection for expedited analysis.

Expert support: Access a team with deep ECA domain expertise who can help ensure optimal results.

End-to-end eDiscovery Perform the complete eDiscovery process within a single application, dramatically reducing risk and cost.