HP Autonomy’s eDiscovery offerings help corporations, law firms and government entities prepare for, and react to, legal matters and investigations involving large amounts of electronic data – regardless of data type or where it resides.

A pioneer in Technology-Assisted Review, HP Autonomy offerings span the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) framework – from identification, notification, and preservation to analysis, Early Case Assessment, review, processing, and production - in a single offering, allowing customers to avoid the risk and cost of switching tools or vendors. Perform eDiscovery on your terms with flexible offerings such as fully hosted, cloud, appliance, or on-premise software.


Respond more quickly: Rapidly access, capture and analyze information across a broad range of repositories by leveraging HP IDOL technology.

Lower total cost: Whether your eDiscovery requirements are for an end-to-end enterprise deployment or a stand-alone ECA/Review solution, you can rely on our solution to process all potentially relevant information, structured and unstructured, inside and outside the enterprise.

Minimize risk: Limit handoffs between vendors and technologies with a single, secure, end-to-end solution and protect against accidental spoliation or security breaches.

Ensure compliance: Make sure data is systematically and defensibly placed on legal hold in accordance with preservation requirements.

Solutions for eDiscovery

  • Legal Hold

    Manage and lock down electronic information to mitigate risk of accidental data spoliation

  • Early Case Assessment

    Rapidly analyze and gain insight into large document collections for strategic legal advantage

  • Review & Analytics

    Drive significant savings into the most time- and cost-consuming aspect of eDiscovery

  • Investigations

    Meet the demands of internal, regulatory and federal investigation inquiries, quickly and efficiently

  • Post-Review

    Perform review quality assurance with advanced analytics and prepare data for use in court