The time for the cloud is now

Today’s challenges are many: explosive data growth, escalating regulations, and the demand for anytime/anywhere access. The efficiencies, advanced security, scalability, and accessibility benefits enabled by the cloud are clear. Companies in every industry agree, and they’re showing this by moving to the cloud and reaping the rewards of business agility, reduced costs, risk mitigation, and increased productivity.

Why HP Autonomy’s cloud?

Not all clouds are created equal. In fact, many cloud providers will not meet the standards of an organization’s business requirements, whether it is security, data access, cost, or compliance. HP Autonomy is positioned as a leader by analysts, and incorporates data center-grade security, availability, and scalability to help you realize the benefits of the cloud.

  • Robust Security – Ensure data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.
  • Lower Risk – Dedicated resources to secure, monitor, backup, replicate, and store data volumes on the petabyte scale.
  • Cost Savings – Scale services based on specific business usage needs to promote business agility, cut costs, and reduce capital investments.
  • Greater Data Access – Consolidate data in the cloud to optimize the ability to access, search, identify, and gain business value from virtually all information.


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